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Biden First Year Report Card--Still in First Grade.

It has been one year since Joe Biden took the oath to office to be President of the United States of America. The “healing” President has done at least as much and perhaps more than his processor to divide the nation, making outlandish statements and fabrications. The difference between the two is that Mr Trump knew better but Mr. Biden does not.  Let’s take a look and evaluate this first year.

Border security and immigration— Complete failure. Hordes of “migrants” have illegally entered the country, are allowed to stay and many more have massed at the border Grade F

Inflation and the Economy- Inflation is at a 40-year high largely caused by easy money and grossly increased federal spending with more proposed spending and income transfers on the table. The unemployment number is good but the labor market is in turmoil, causing increased wages, which just put more pressure on prices. This is not temporary as promised. Been to the grocery store lately? Grade F

Real wages- Real Wages have decreased. Grade F

Energy- Gasoline prices and home heating prices have soared. The Biden Administration has accused the oil companies of collusion all the while of taking actions to decrease domestic production and then ironically begging OPEC to ramp up its production. Grade F

Pandemic- After announcing the pandemic was under control last summer, it appears such was not the case. The CDC announces new edicts, and “guidance” and then constantly changing them. Biden has said- in a change of position- the Federal government is more or less impotent and it is up to the States to deal with the situation. The Covid problem is unsolvable, berating people rather than encouraging them to get a vaccine has not be helpful, Mandates were a political overreach, sending testing kits is pabulum and giving free masks is a sop. It is all political rather than useful. However, the grade is C as the options are all bad.

Russian-Ukraine- Mr. Biden has projected a weakness and makes ineffective threats about “strong action” against a Russian incursion or invasion into the Ukraine. He has failed to make enough defense aid available and just murmurs empty words. All talk and no hat. Mr. Biden has never been right on most foreign policy issue going way back and there is NO reason now to think any differently. Grade D minus.

Afghanistan and the Middle East- The President who always thinks he is the smartest person in the room proves again his skill set. Horrible blunder, badly executed and horrible deadly results. Grade F enough said.

Voting Procedures- The campaign to federalize national voting has been full of deception and shallow, hollow, misleading and nasty rhetoric. Those who want to allow states to have their own election laws –such as voter identification, registration, and time to vote are not racists and not denying anyone to vote. The fact many Democrat controlled states have stricter voting procedures than many of the states being vilified speaks for it. Grade F

Congressman Relations- The Administration has followed the ultra liberal path with the narrowest margins. There has been almost no real attempt to try to work on a broader scale. The collapse of the social welfare spending program, the failure to change the filibuster to ram their program through is an indication of arrogance and a “my way or the highway” attitude. How did that work? Grade C minus

Leadership- Mr. Biden poll numbers are dismal. He looks unsteady and his comments wander and often do not follow the conversation. He has lost the confidence of a good part of his own party and projects the image of a deer in the headlights. He has failed to bring anyone together and sounds shrill and robotic. Grade D

It is hard to think anything positive about the first year in office for Mr. Biden. He looks like a desperate man, wondering where he is after his nap, bent on transforming America to some unrecognizable place where the government just gets bigger and more powerful, where economic and social decisions are make for us, where a bigger and bigger percent of the population depends on government subsidies, where if you do not agree, you are a hater, a racist and a deplorable.

A sad state of affairs.











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