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These guys don't want to reform the system. They only want to raise political money. Let's be honest about it

Bill DeReuter

Any thinking person who reads the lists of tax expenditures in your piece on Tax Spending and Tax Reform should be appalled, outraged, and angry at not just the number of tax expenditures but the bullshit reasons for some of these provisions. Those responsible should be ashamed of themselves but as we know congress has no shame. The once greatest country in the world is stuck with a tax system that nobody understands, where nobody can do their own taxes, and where a vast legal and professional industry has been created just so citizens can comply with paying their taxes. Half of the taxpaying public doesn't pay taxes. Strange terms like "refundable" mean someone who does not pay taxes gets a tax cut. Our representatives in Congress have been nothing less than derelict in letting our tax system get to this point. The main reason I believe things got this way was the need for members of congress to get reelected. Term limits could possibly fix this problem so members could vote in the best interests of the country and not their districts or their need to get reelected. Sadly, the chances of term limits ever getting enacted is zero.

Bill DeReuter

Famous Mark Rich quote: There are two things about politics. The first one is money and I forget what that other one is.

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If the money will be used for good projects, well then let's give it a try.


Both political parties are talking about, almost drooling over, it.

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