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Interesting viewpoint, but if the EPA doesn't regulate greenhouse gases, then who? Look forward to reading more on this intelligent and promising-looking blog.

Been around the block a while

As to the comment before this one, EPA is only to regulate as mandated by Congress. Regulatory agencies were never meant to legislate or extrapolate additional mandates from existing law. Its dangerous business.

The Administration's and environmentalist extremists' approach is nothing new. The people's lack of interest in hashing through the data and studies on greenhouse gases and encouraging logical legislative response is new. I cannot repeat this enough "Protecting the environment and resources and economic advancement are not mutually exclusive." If some sane party could address the Administration and help them to realize the current proposals by EPA will significantly impede economic progress as opposed to a moderate and well-educated legislative proposal providing appropriate incentives toward these carbon emission reductions might be the best solution and keep economic growth on track. Seek sanity from elected officials and accept nothing less. As for regulatory agencies, We're on a slippery slope and have been for forty years!

Beverly Kephart

Great Blog! I am a centralist, so I have an open mind to intelligent information. I just wish the rest of the US would read both sides of an issue from intelligent sources and then make intelligent decisions. I guess the operative word is intelligent!!!????? We are getting the "Tea Party" info down here in Mexico, but we also have both parties represented. Thanks, keep it coming.

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