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janice robertson

Happy belated birthday! Came to see your thoughts on the election and Obama's departure and saw this.

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  • National Debt: Passed another marker
    The federal debt continues to grow with increases of billions each day, Nothing being done to address this serious long term threat. It is likely to worsen given all the talk about tax cuts and massive infrastructure spending, whatever that mean. The debt hits $20 trillion as Mr. Obama is finally gone, almost double since he took office. Quite a legacy and will be a drag as interest rates climb.

  • Political Report Card
    Now that Mr. Trump has assume the mantle , here are the latest grades for our government,

    Administration: The best thing that has happened is that Mr. Obama is gone. President Trump has lots to do and lots to learn, like being Presidential and to stop campaigning. His Cabinet picks are a bit unusual but he gets the benefit of the doubt. Washington has a way of winnowing them out. Dumping TPP with out trying to improve it is a mistake but not surprising given his anti-trade stance. He gets a passing grade for now Grade: Starting at C.

    Senate: Republicans are in the drivers seat but there are back seat drivers. The venom from the liberals is not productive for the county. Going to take some time to get started but with control, no excuses. Grade: Grade B

    House: The results of the election means pent up legislative frustration will be forthcoming. Look for lot of activity as the House is in anti-regulation mode. Tax Bill and what to do with the ACA are huge issues. Upgraded Grade : Grade B

  • Tax Reform? What is it and How it should be!

    I have developed a three-part series on what is wrong with the tax system and suggestions to fix it. Not your usual plan but one making choices to improve the system. Become tax czar with me for a day and suggest your changes with some unexpected ideas.

    If you would like to get a complete copy,send me an e-mail. Click here to subscribe

  • Jack O. NutterJack O. Nutter is a Washington DC attorney and a principal in the consulting firm Nutter & Harris, specializing in political and strategic advice with notable experience in tax, energy, environmental and climate issues.

    Mr. Nutter was previously Tax Counsel to the US Senate Finance Committee and has been involved in several US presidential campaigns.

    He has been in private law practice and worked in the former Soviet Union, Europe and Africa for 15 years on private investment and government projects.

    He holds a Master of Laws (taxation) from Georgetown University Law Center and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Arizona College of Law. He has been published in numerous tax journals and magazines.

    Reach Jack by e-mail here.