• National Debt: Passed another marker
    The federal debt passed $17,555,000,000 and increases $2.36 billion each day, Nothing being done to address this serious long term threat.

  • Political Report Card
    Here are the latest grades for our government, not sure things will improve anytime soon.

    Administration: Health care remains unpopular disaster. Going to Europe will not help. New image is bold weakness. Same grade: Grade D minus minus

    Senate: Reid continue to poison body Little progress on real issues, embarrassing. Scared of elections. checking out minority leaders office Downgrade to: Grade D

    House: Not moving on tax reform, Seems to be running out clock. gave up sequester, debt ceiling and deficit for nothing,. Stable at: Grade D

  • Tax Reform? What is it and How it should be!

    I have developed a three-part series on what is wrong with the tax system and suggestions to fix it. Not your usual plan but one making choices to improve the system. Become tax czar with me for a day and suggest your changes with some unexpected ideas.

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  • Jack O. NutterJack O. Nutter is a Washington DC attorney and a principal in the consulting firm Nutter & Harris, specializing in political and strategic advice with notable experience in tax, energy, environmental and climate issues.

    Mr. Nutter was previously Tax Counsel to the US Senate Finance Committee and has been involved in several US presidential campaigns.

    He has been in private law practice and worked in the former Soviet Union, Europe and Africa for 15 years on private investment and government projects.

    He holds a Master of Laws (taxation) from Georgetown University Law Center and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Arizona College of Law. He has been published in numerous tax journals and magazines.

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